January 29, 2023

29 killed, 10 injured in country’s north 

29 killed, 10 injured in country’s north 

BAGHLAN, May 24 – Over 18 enemy personnel were killed and 3 more were wounded in a violent fighting after Mujahideen targeted an enemy military Base in Guzar Gah Now district of Baghlan province.

Four (M4) rifles, 1 RPG rocket and ammo were seized from the enemy.

In the province’s Pol-e-Khomri district, an officer was killed and a radio was seized from.

An enemy soldier was killed and three more were wounded when the tank trying to defuse the bomb hit a landmine blast in Nahrin district of Baghlan province.

Also in Nahrin, Mujahideen seized control of a base and a large area from the enemy, chasing the enemy away from different areas.

Mujahideen fighters killed 8 enemy personnel and a commander of Gen. Dostum with wounding 4 more following an attack on a post in Aqcha district of northern Jowzjan province.

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