February 06, 2023

28 killed in country’s southeast 

28 killed in country’s southeast 

GHAZNI, Apr. 23 – As many as 15 puppets were killed and 7 more were with 4 tanks destroyed in a 19-hour firefight with Mujahideen in Jaghato district of Ghazni province.

In another report, 2 enemy personnel were killed in separate attacks in the provincial capital of Ghazni province.

The Islamic Emirate’s fighters attacked the enemy’s militarily guarded supply convoy in the aforesaid district of Ghazni province destroying a tank and killing 5 puppets in the ensuing firefight, while      3 enemy soldiers were killed elsewhere in the said district.

In another report, 2 puppets were killed in two separate attacks in Deh Yak district of the province.

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