January 28, 2023

28 killed, 19 hurt in Logar operation

28 killed, 19 hurt in Logar operation

LOGAR, Jan. 5 – At least 20 joint enemy personnel have lost their lives and over 16 more suffered wounded in the intense fighting underway in Charkh district of Logar province for the last 6 days, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

The enemy was forced back with fatal losses and some 20 puppets of ANA and ANP were killed and an additional 16 sustained wounds, while at least 4 Mujahideen embraced martyrdom with 5 more wounded in the entire operation.

According to another report from Logar province, a severe fighting in Mehtarlam city, the provincial capital of Logar province killed 4 Arbakis and left two others wounded on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Mujahideen counterattacked the enemy ground operation on the outskirts of Mehtarlam city, the capital of Logar province that led to hours of fighting in which 4 enemy security personnel were killed and 1 was injured.

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