October 05, 2022

23 killed, 21 injured in Ghazni operations 

23 killed, 21 injured in Ghazni operations 

GHAZNI, May 6 – As many as 23 enemy’s joint personnel have been killed and a further 21 sustained injuries in Ghazni operations.

At least 12 puppets were killed and 16 others were injured in clashes with Mujahideen in different parts between Ghazni city and the district of Shalgar yesterday, whereas the road between Ghazni and Paktika remained closed off.

A Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom and 5 more suffered wounds in the exchange of fire, while 2 civilians were martyred and 4 children were injured when enemy pounded the homes of civilians with heavy weapons.

Earlier, 8 enemy soldiers suffered casualties when they attempted to reopen the road between Ghazni and Paktika blocked off by Mujahideen.

On Saturday night, Mujahideen attacked the enemy post in Shalgar district of the province, killing 3 puppets and leaving 5 more injured, while Mujahideen targeted the headquarters of the district of Giro and two posts on Saturday.

Separately, a check post came under Mujahdieen attack in Ghazni city on Saturday night.

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