November 29, 2022

21 puppets killed, 2 military units overrun 

21 puppets killed, 2 military units overrun 

BALKH, Nov. 11 – The Islamic Emirate’s fighters carried out bomb attacks on the base belonging to local militia in Sholgara district of northern Balkh province in which 6 Arbakis including a notorious commander were killed and 16 more were wounded.

Separately, an enemy soldier was sniped and killed in Chahar Bolak district of Balkh province.

In a similar attack, an enemy soldier was shot dead in Zaray district of Balkh province, while 2 enemy soldiers were killed in Khas Balkh district of the province.

Likewise, two Arbakis were wounded in an attack on a post in Dowlat Abad district of the province.

In reports from northern Parwan province, some 10 enemy personnel were killed and when Mujahideen overran two of the enemy posts in Syagard district of the province.

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