September 28, 2022

2 killed, key commander surrenders in Badghis

2 killed, key commander surrenders in Badghis

BADGHIS, Jan. 11 – A key enemy commander – Noor ul din – has reportedly repented his mistakes and left enemy ranks in limits of Maqur district overnight.

Meanwhile, a gunman was killed amid a gunfight of about one hour erupted after Mujahideen attacked an enemy check post in the said district.

Similarly, another gunman was killed when Mujahideen stormed a hireling check post in Lodinyano area of Sang Atish district last mid night.

Furthermore, a murderer – Agha jan s/o Mira Jan – who was involved in brutally martyring a civilian inside his compound in Chora district of Uruzgan province was held today in Gulekheti area of Dara Boom district and his case forwarded to Judicial commission of Islamic Emirate.

Another report says, Mujahideen have seized and safely destroyed expired medicines in the various areas of the province yesterday.

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