February 02, 2023

2 killed, 5 injured in Jowzjan 

2 killed, 5 injured in Jowzjan 

JOWZJAN, Oct. 24 – At least 2 puppets were killed and 5 more were wounded with two tanks destroyed in Mujahideen operation in Faizabad district of northern Jowzjan province.

Similarly, 3 Kalashnikov machine guns, 1 PK heavy machine gun, 1 hand grenade was seized from the enemy.

WARDAK, Oct. 23 Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate thwarted the enemy in their attempts to launch operations in the Chak district, Wardak province and force the enemy to retreat with killing one enemy soldier and leaving another one wounded, while the district administrative building too came under attack later in the evening but the information on the enemy casualty toll is not determined.

Three puppets sustained Syed Abad district of Wardak province, while the district building, too, came under attack.

In another report, 2 puppets were killed and 1 god hurt in Chak district of the province

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