December 03, 2022

2 civilians martyred; houses, Masjid leveled 

2 civilians martyred; houses, Masjid leveled 

BALKH, Feb. 18 – The enemy jet planes bombed out a Masjid (mosque) in Shalgar district of Balkh province, flattening the mosque and leaving the Imam (one who leads prayer) martyred.

Similarly, a civilian was brutally martyred by the enemy in Chapa Darah district of Kunar province.

In reports from northern Balkh province, the defenseless civilians suffered heavy losses in the enemy nighttime raids in the provincial capital of Balkh province, their cash and valuables were robbed and motorcycle destroyed.

Furthermore, 4 houses belonging to the defenseless civilians were leveled in the enemy raids and airstrikes in Pol-e-Khomri district of Baghlan province.

This comes as the civilians abandoned their houses as result of the airstrikes and heavy weapons attacks by the enemy and sought refuge in other villages.

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