February 05, 2023

19 puppets killed and wounded in Nad Ali

19 puppets killed and wounded in Nad Ali

HELMAND, Mar. 16 – According to report form southern Helmand province’s Nad Ali district, at least 5 ANP gunmen were killed and wounded when Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint in Parchaw area overnight.

Similarly, a check point in Nisar Ahmad Charrahi area was assaulted by Mujahideen last night, leaving 5 gunmen killed. Later on enemy reinforcement troops arrived the area and came under Mujahideen attacks, during which an APC destroyed by RPG fire, killing and wounding all gunmen inside.

Separately, as many as 3 puppets were shot and killed while an APC was destroyed in Shin Gul Charrahi area of the said district late yesterday.

In the said area, 6 mercenaries of a hireling convoy sniped at noon hours today, leaving all of them killed or hurt abroad.

Sadly, enemy as usual targeted civilian in Chahar Mirza area with mortar rounds, martyring a girl and leaving many other wounded.

Separately, invader’s indiscriminate bombardment martyred an elder villager in Shin Gul Charrahi area afternoon hours today.

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