January 27, 2023

17 killed in Mujahideen attacks

17 killed in Mujahideen attacks

PAKTIA, Mar. 5 – At least 12 enemy military personnel were killed in Mujahideen attacks on 2 of the military posts and clashes with the reinforcements called for in the provincial capital of Paktia province.

Similarly, 2 Arbaki was killed and 1 was wounded when Mujahideen targeted enemy posts in Gardiz city on Wednesday evening, while an Arbaki was killed in attack on a post and another one was shot and wounded in the Gardiz city on Wednesday.

In another report from Paktia, an enemy soldier was killed while he was on guard duty outside a post in Zurmat district of the province on Wednesday night, while an Arbaki was shot dead in a similar attack in the aforesaid district later at night.

In a report from neighboring Khost province, Mujahideen targeted a military post and exchanged fire with the enemy in Nadir Shah Kot district of the province. It is, however, unclear wither anyone was killed or injured.


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