January 30, 2023

17 killed, 4 injured in Balkh 

17 killed, 4 injured in Balkh 

BALKH, May 25 – At least 6 puppets were killed and 4 more were wounded when Mujahideen fighters seized control of a military unit in Khas Balkh district of northern Balkh province.

Arms and ammo were also captured from the enemy.

Similarly, 4 puppets were killed in separate attacks in Chamtal and Kash Balkh districts of Balkh province.

Moreover, 6 enemy personnel were killed in a Mujahideen attack in northern Badakhshan province.

In a report from northern Takhar province, an intelligence employee was killed and his motorbike and weapons were seized in a surprise attack in Hazar Sumuch district of northern Takhar province.

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