November 28, 2022

16 killed and wounded in Ghazni attacks

16 killed and wounded in Ghazni attacks

GHAZNI, Jun. 04 – A heavy two hour clash broke out 01:00 am local time today when Mujahideen attacked an Arbaki base and reinforcement troops in Shilgar district’s Paendi area during which 2 militiamen were killed and 6 others including the supposed district governor – Qasim Desiwal – were wounded as well as a vehicle destroyed.

Officials say that earlier another Mujahideen attack on a check post in Habib Godalo area also killed a hireling policeman and wounded a second.

Meanwhile an Arbaki militiaman was severely wounded by a bomb blast midmorning today and a second shot dead by a sniper last night in Maqur district.

Also Sunday at around 10:00 am local time, 4 more gunmen were killed and wounded by an IED in Mubarak area of Ghazni capital while at 05;00 pm, a spy – Shamsullah – was gunned down and killed in Urgun Adda area.

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