February 07, 2023

15 killed in country’s southeast 

15 killed in country’s southeast 

PAKTIKA, Oct. 20 – Two enemy soldiers were killed and 2 Kalashnikovs were seized by Mujahideen fighters in a clash in Yusuf Khail district Paktika province.

Similarly, 2 policemen were killed in an attack on a post in Urgun district of the province, while an enemy soldier was killed and another one was wounded when Mujahideen attacked a post in Sarobi district of the province.

Separately, an Arbaki was killed in a surprise attack in Sar Hawza district of the province.

In a report from neighboring Khost province, 2 puppets were wounded in a bomb attack targeting the enemy vehicle in Bak district of Khost province.

A total of 15 enemy soldiers were killed in Paktia, Paktika and Khost provinces.

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