December 01, 2022

15 enemy commandos killed in Takhar operation 

15 enemy commandos killed in Takhar operation 

TAKHAR, Feb. 12 – Al-Emarah News said at least 12 commandos of the so-called Special Forces were killed and many more were wounded in a deadliest fighting in northern Afghanistan.

On Sunday evening, the enemy attempted an offensive against Mujahideen backed by the U.S aerial support in Darqad district of Takhar province, leading to a two-hour long fighting with Mujahideen in which some 12 puppets of special forces were killed and several more suffered wounds, while 3 puppets were shot dead elsewhere in the said district on Monday.

The civilians are said to have suffered heavy losses in airstrikes by the U.S invaders and the enemy use of heavy weapons.

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