November 30, 2022

12 puppets killed, 8 injured in Paktia province

12 puppets killed, 8 injured in Paktia province

PAKTIA, Oct. 23 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate foiled the enemy in their attempt to raid the civilians in Zazi Aryub district of Paktika province on Saturday night, forcing the enemy back, Al-Emarah News said.

It added at least 4 puppets were killed and a further 3 suffered injuries in the ensuing firefight.

The enemy, as is typical of them,  on their way back while fleeing opened fire on the compounds of civilians, causing the ordinary people heavy losses.

In another report, 3 puppets were wounded when the enemy tank was targeted by IEDs in Syed Karam district of the province on Saturday.

Early Sunday, 3 enemy security personnel were killed and an additional 4 suffered injuries when the enemy tried to break Mujahideen siege of the enemy army posts in Zazi Aryub district of Paktia province. Two enemy tanks were destroyed in Mujahideen attacks.

Separately, a roadside bomb blast ripped through the enemy tank in the provincial capital of Paktia province earlier on Sunday, killing five policemen on board.


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