November 26, 2022

12 killed, APC destroyed in Helmand

12 killed, APC destroyed in Helmand

HELMAND, Oct. 04 – At around 3:00 pm local time on Monday an APC belonging to ANA was shred into pieces by an IED attack on Lashkargah road in Popalzo area, Nahr Siraj region of Gerishk district, leaving all gunmen killed or hurt inside.

Separately, at least 7 gunmen were killed after Mujahideen attacks forced the enemy to flee from a key base in Trekh Nawar area of Marjah district overnight, leaving behind corpses, PKM machine gun, 2 RPG launchers, 3 rifles and other war equipment

Furthermore, early morning today the vehicle of commander Sardar Wali came under a Mujahideen bombing in Bolan shops area of capital Lashkargah, killing 5 including the said commander.

Later on further troops arriving the scene came under another attack, leaving 3 gunmen killed or hurt.

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