September 29, 2022

12 killed and wounded, 3 surrender in Uruzgan

12 killed and wounded, 3 surrender in Uruzgan

URUZGAN, Apr. 13 – Officials say, at least 6 police have been killed since yesterday, in Mujahideen sniper attacks close to Khas Uruzgan district center.

Another report states that, Mujahideen attacked an enemy patrol in Wano area capital Tarinkot overnight, destroying a ranger pickup, killing and wounding all 4 police abroad.

Moreover, 2 more puppets were shot and killed on the spot by sniper in Landi Kosi area of capital Tarinkot last midnight.

Enemy is likely to have suffered heavy toll as Mujahideen have shelled Tarinkot airbase with 2 missiles overnight.

Separately, 3 ANP gunmen have repented their mistakes and surrendered to Mujahideen in Seydano area of Khas Uruzgan district yesterday, handing over 3 rifles to Mujahideen, too.

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