September 25, 2022

10 puppets killed, 8 injured in Laghman 

10 puppets killed, 8 injured in Laghman 

LAGHMAN, Jan. 22 – Two enemy soldiers were killed following an ambush attack in Alishang district of eastern Laghman province on Monday night.

On Tuesday, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate ambushed the enemy military convoy in the aforesaid district, triggering an 8-hour long firefight in which 6 puppets were killed and 8 more were wounded.

Five of the enemy armored personnel were also destroyed in the operation, while Mujahideen seized from the enemy a good deal of arms and ammo.

In another report from Laghman, Mujahideen fighters pounded a U.S base with missiles in Qarghayi district of eastern Laghman province, likely to have caused the enemy heavy losses.

On Tuesday, 2 Arbakis were killed as Mujahideen targeted a post of the militia in Dowlat Shah district of Laghman province.

According to a report from neighboring Nangarhar province, a number of the Arbakis suffered casualties in an explosion in Bati Kot district of the province on Tuesday.

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