October 05, 2022

10 killed, 6 hurt in clashes in Mujahideen attacks

10 killed, 6 hurt in clashes in Mujahideen attacks

NANGARHAR, Oct.  12 – A series of Mujahideen attacks killed at least 10 enemy soldiers and left 6 more injured in eastern Nangarhar province, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

In one attack, 3 policemen were killed and 4 more got injured when an explosion occurred near Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province on Wednesday.

In another attack, Mujahideen shot and killed 1 enemy soldier and left 2 more injured in a brief exchange of fire in Bati Kot district of the province.

In the province’s Behsood district, a roadside bomb blast hit a vehicle last night, killing 6 enemy soldiers aboard it.

Al-Emarah News separately said, a number of the civilians suffered casualties and a Masjid (mosque) was flattened in the latest enemy aggression when the combined U.S invaders and their puppets raided a village in Behsood district of Nangarhar province last night.

Similarly, the enemy horrifically martyred a villager in Jani Khel district of Paktia province on Wednesday.

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